Andrew Brown | Boston, MA

Andrew Brown moved to the Greater Boston area in 2016 from Syracuse, NY. He studied Civil  Engineering at Syracuse University and proceeded to work managing complex commercial  construction projects for various clientele. Passionate about city living and urban development  Boston was a natural fit from his hometown of New York City. 


His understanding of ALL client considerations as it relates to the transaction plus other financial  implications makes Andrew a true client advocate. Ask his clients…not one has a bad thing to  say! Most consider him a trusted advisor. 


In his free time Andrew likes to spend time with his dogs Huey and Gracie. He also enjoys  exploring all the North Shore of Boston has to offer especially the amazing eateries and libations  with his partner. As a member of the Trustee’s, and their breath of cultural opportunities Andrew  knows intimately that every neighborhood has so much to offer, and with Andrew’s geographical  breadth hopefully he can help you find yours. 

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Jen Seabury | Boston, MA & Providence, RI

A Massachusetts native and former educator, Jen Seabury knows how to connect with her local real estate market. “When my husband and I were selling our first home and purchasing the home we are in now,” she recalls, “my real estate agent took the time to explain the different parts of the home buying and selling processes, and I loved it. I was able to gain hands-on experience during that time and knew it was something I wanted to pursue.”


Jen’s desire to help people achieve their dreams propelled her to her current status as one of Keller Williams Realty’s top producers. She highly values her past experience as a Montessori instructor, stating, “I’m highly organized and have always had a natural tendency to lead and educate, so those skills transferred easily into the real estate world. First-time homebuyers don’t often know what to expect, so I take the time to guide them throughout the process. I have created easy-to-follow guides to give to all my clients to help them better understand the process.” With compassion and an impressive educational skill set, she has become a top seller in recent years in the areas within Boston MetroWest and the I-495 beltway down to the Cape and out to Providence, Rhode Island.


Being, as she puts it, a “highly communicative, organized, caring and knowledgeable” person is a driver not only in her real estate career, but also in her volunteer work and personal life, as well. Jen currently volunteers with several local dog rescues. A cancer survivor herself, she also donates a portion of her current commissions to the Colon Cancer Coalition, which empowers local communities to promote prevention of colon cancer.


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