Boston, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas are home to top accredited colleges.

Boston is known as the capital of Massachusetts and a key site in the American Revolution. People come from all over to tour historical sites and enjoy the city’s culture. But did you know that students come to this city for higher learning opportunities? So you can be more educated, here is a listing of Boston and surrounding areas colleges!  


Colleges in Boston


Suffolk University

Located in the heart of downtown Suffolk University is a private Boston university. One of the bonuses of living and learning in the city is access to abundant career opportunities, including internships and job placements.    


Brandeis University    

Brandeis University is one of the youngest US private research institutions besides the Charles River. This university encourages students to stay involved in urban culture and has a solid liberal arts focus.


Simmons University

Simmons University is a private university located in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. It was initially established in 1899 to help women in the workplace.  


Boston College   

Boston College is a private research institution situated in Chestnut Hill, stretching over 130 acres, offering an inclusive community culture. The term AHANA is used in place of “minority students,” referring to African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American-students. The college is very selective, accepting only 26 percent of applicants.   


Northeastern University  

Northeastern University is an experiential research institution focused on global and contemporary issues. Located beside the Museum of Fine Arts, Northeastern is an urban university surrounded by trees and common grassy areas. There’s also a strong focus on community. Since 2006, Northeastern students have completed over one million hours of community service in the surrounding area. 


University of Massachusetts, Boston   

Located on a scenic waterfront campus, the University of Massachusetts is a public research university committed to urban and global engagement with a primary focus on natural and social science. 


Tufts University    

Approximately five miles northwest of Boston is the campus of Tufts University. Composed of undergraduate and postgraduate students, the college is home to health science programs. The campus lies within Boston’s theater, finance, and commercial districts.   


Harvard University 

Harvard University is the US’s oldest institute of higher learning. Similarly to MIT, Harvard is located in Cambridge. The college offers hundreds of courses with students learning in world-class laboratories and research centers. Harvard’s student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1, giving students a valuable and attentive learning environment. Famous alums include Ralph Waldo Emerson, John F. Kennedy, Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)   

Facing Boston across the Charles River lies the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT strongly focuses on science and technology fields, plus innovation and leadership. Consequently, admission is highly competitive, with less than ten percent of applications accepted annually.  


Boston University  

Boston University is a private research university that’s located on the banks of the Charles River. There are over 300 programs to choose from and a first-rate view of the city’s skyline from the residence halls. Boston University’s alums include seven Nobel Laureates, six Academy Award winners, and 35 Pulitzer Prize winners!    


With all the higher education offerings in Boston, it’s no wonder that living in this area is highly sought after. Add the history, sports, and entertainment choices to it, and you have a winning combination!